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Ford S-Max-The MPV Strikes Back

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Ford S-Max-The MPV Strikes Back

The MPV or people carrier as we Brits prefer to call them has often been looked upon with derision by motoring writers. Whilst MPV's are widely used by taxi firms for ferrying people and their luggage to and from airports their image has become somewhat tarnished over time. nike air max 90 dam rea More often than not they are packed with hoards of screaming dirty faced children, hurling sweet wrappers from the windows and are driven by mums hopelessly distracted by the antics occurring in the back. Anyone who requires seven seats to accommodate their family could frankly do with some advice on contraception.

The main problem however is they are just plain dull, mere boxes on wheels with all the design aesthetics of a house brick with similar handling qualities. Some of the names aren't terribly well conceived either, the Lucida and Estima immediately spring to mind which both sound a bit like the sort of names that C-list celebrities burden their kids with. nike air max thea sverige

I read somewhere that the Vauxhall Sintra was deemed by Euro NCAP the European car safety agency to pose a serious threat to passenger occupants during a collision and so vanished rather hastily never to appear again. All of this seems to have led to the major manufacturers sitting their design teams down and saying "right lets get this sorted once and for all. " nike air max 90 herr billigt

The S-Max can still carry seven if required but thanks to its sporty stance it doesn't appear that huge. The roof slopes down at the rear whilst the slightly aggressive front end styling and side vents set it apart from its rivals. nike air max 1 essential herr There is an air of quality about the car both inside and out thanks to well fitted trim and use of high quality cabin materials.

The driving position is excellent and more car-like than other MPV's as it uses the same platform as the new Mondeo which has a large floor pan and gives good interior space. The back row of seats folds on to the floor of the boot rather than into it which gives more room for luggage and the space created when you fold all the seats down is truly enormous and also creates a totally flat load area. nike air max 1 essential dam
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